Selecting Qualified Residents for the Home

Not everyone is appropriate for life in a Group Home. See below for a list of types of residents appropriate for a Group Home and where to find them.

-Students from a background of “special school training” are ideal, but not essential.

-The Group Home is ideal for those who want their son or daughter to develop social skills and participate in a reading program.

-Word of mouth, references from friends and newspaper ads are a good source, followed by a good interview.

-Medical needs are usually the responsibility of the parents or their insurance plans. The home may be able to help at times. Older residents may have more serious and costly medical needs that come with age or condition.

-Contractual documents should be clearly drawn regarding expenses, monthly fee, responsibilities.

-Prospective residents should exhibit comfortable daily living skills.

A good resource for candidates to live in a Group Home would be the pastors of local churches.